Ingenuity of GC Tech Center teacher fixes longstanding issue with flagpole at Veterans Memorial Park

A repair at American Legion Post 81 Veterans Memorial Park has been made thanks to the ingenuity of a Grayson County Technology Center teacher.

“A difficult and potentially costly flagpole repair at the Veterans Memorial Park became quick work thanks to Grayson County Technology Center machining teacher Michael Critchelow,” school officials said.

Using his considerable expertise, Critchelow reverse engineered a damaged interior flagpole mechanism that was unavailable and had been an issue with the flagpole since it was installed prior to the park opening in May 2016.

In appreciation, American Legion Post 81 presented the GC Tech Center with a generous and unexpected financial donation.

“We were excited that the community provided the opportunity, and recognizes the amazing things that are available at GCTC,” GC Tech Center Director Matt Hayes said. “This is a testament to our staff and what they teach to the students of Grayson County. We look forward to continuing to provide a service to our community.”

(Photo l-r: Leitchfield Police Chief David Riley, Michael Critchelow, Mickey Kipper, Riley and Kipper represent American Legion Post 81)

By Ken Howlett, News Director

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