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Owensboro man arrested on child sex charges

On Wednesday night at approximately 8:05, the Kentucky State Police Electronic Crime Branch arrested an Owensboro man child sex charges. Police said 24-year-old John W. Frazier Jr. was arrested on charges related to the prohibited use of

Park City Shell robbed at gunpoint

Authorities are searching for a man who robbed the Park City Shell station early Thursday morning. The suspect, who was wearing a brown Carhartt jacket and mask, walked into the store at approximately 5:30 and demanded money.




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President Trump Begins Tax Reform

U.S. President Donald Trump will begin a major push next Wedjesday with a speech in Missouri to convince the public of the need for tax reform. The President has shifted gears and his entire agenda will be

What to Do With Used Eclipse Glasses

Tuesday millions of people ogled the skies using eclipse viewers, but happens now with the glasses? Another eclipse will cross America in 2024, or you can donate them to other parts of the world, who will experience