Kentucky’s two U.S. Senators speak out against separating immigrant children from parents


Kentucky’s two U.S. Senators spoke Tuesday on the nation’s hottest political topic; thousands of immigrant children being locked inside chain-link and other enclosures without their parents.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said Monday it was up to Congress to pass legislature to end the policy of separating children from their parents as part of the country’s overall immigration procedure.

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, who also serves as the U.S. Senate’s Majority Leader, said he supports an immigration plan that does not separate families, but that it will take a bipartisan effort to solve the issue.

“I support, and all the members of Republican conference support a plan that keeps families together while their immigration status is determined,” Sen. McConnell said. “We had a very robust discussion at lunch about the need to fix the problem. I understand the president just called on us to fix the problem, and obviously for that to occur in the Senate would require bipartisan discussions. Senator (John) Cornyn has been in the middle of this, Senator (Ted) Cruz and others are working on it as well. And so we hope to reach out to the democrats and see if we can get a result. Which means making a law and not just get into some kind of sparring back and forth that leads to no conclusion.”

In a statement issued by Republican Sen. Rand Paul’s office, he also stated he wants a secure border, but he is in opposition of breaking up families.

“I strongly support enforcing our immigration laws, securing our border, and protecting our country,” Sen. Paul said. “At the same time, I oppose the government separating families.”

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By Ken Howlett, News Director

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