12 people arrested, millions in cash seized during investigation into drug trafficking in 4 eastern Ky. counties

Multiple state and federal law enforcement agencies recently arrested several suspects, seized more than 10,000 pills and millions in cash in an investigation into drug trafficking in four eastern Kentucky counties, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Kentucky said.

Investigators from the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office, Barbourville Police Department, Clay County Sheriff’s Office, and Manchester Police Department arrested 12 people, seized approximately 10,000 oxycodone pills and over $2 million in cash during an investigation into a Louisville-based drug trafficking operation.

In connection with this investigation, a federal grand jury in London returned indictments charging Jose Luis Barata Vazquez, Alexey Barata Hernandez, Yoleisys Reyes Castillo, Dioslen Jimenez Ortiz, Kaid Rogers, Allison Renee Rogers, Michael King, Christopher King, Floyd Barker, Sheila Barger, and Samuel Barger with conspiring, together and with others, to distribute oxycodone in Madison, Estill, Clay, and Laurel counties.

The criminal activity took place between September 2019 and March 2022, prosecutors said.

The grand jury, in a related case, also returned an indictment charging Franklin Hammons with conspiring with others to distribute oxycodone in Knox County between April 2012 and April 2022.

Each defendant faces up to 20 years in prison, a maximum fine of $1,000,000 and forfeiture of assets used to facilitate the alleged crimes.

By Ken Howlett, News Director

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