In The Know
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If you’re not yet ‘In The Know’, where have you been? “In The Know” is the single most popular and successful radio program in the Twin Lakes region. It’s a live local talk show that airs weekdays at 9:00 am immediately following Rick & Bubba on K105 AND Tradio on WMTL “The Moose”. “The Show” as we call it is quickly reaching the milestone of 1500 shows.
What’s it about? Everything. In the way that Seinfeld was a show about ‘nothing’, “In The Know” is a show about everything, but from a local perspective. Hosted by Mark Buckles (MB), Christy Buckles (Beege) & Misty Thomas, the show is focused on what’s happening locally, including local guests, contests, “Pearls Of Wisdom” and “Points To Ponder”.